Admiralty Diesel-Horn Sound Card

Admiralty Diesel-Horn Sound Card Review
By James Packwood

As part of my build project for the Billings Boat Andrea Gail I decided to install a sound system to help with the detail that I wanted to include into the model. I decided to get the Admiralty Diesel-Horn sound card from Caldercraft.

I found this while I was on the website and decided to buy it for $51.00 USD. It is simple to setup and will fit nicely into the Andrea Gail. The battery input power can be 9v to 16v DC so there is a choice in the power supply that you choose to use.

Considering the wide range of choices and prices that you can find on the internet I think this is pretty reasonable. You will have to wait a few more days with the shipping so if you’re not in a hurry this is not a bad choice. I added a switch harness to the battery supply so I can run the power supply separately and I will run the sound card with a NiCad flight pack.

Reasonable price.
Wide range of power sources.

It’s still easy but you will have to use a solder gun and a solder sucker or desoldering cable/wick on the board to change the sound. (Still easy and the default sound is still acceptable).

Happy Building

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