Covering your model with different color tissue

Covering your model with different color tissue
By James Packwood

Rubber motor models come with a generous sheet of tissue to cover you model with. If you building a static model for display this is ok since you’re probably going to paint it, so weight will not be a problem. But if you going to build a flying model, either indoor or outdoor then you going to want to reduce as much weight as possible.

Using different color sheets of tissue will allow you to have a multi color scheme on you r model. I found it difficult searching for sources on the internet and most hobby stores usually carry just the Guillow’s white tissue. Below I have listed the sources that I could find. You could also ask you local hobby shop if they can order it for you.
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Tissue Sources

Easy Built Hobbies ( recommended )

Tower Hobbies

Fly 2 Build

Micron Radio Control

Free Flight Models

Sam’s Models

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