COVERITE 21st Century Fabric Cub Yellow 6′ COVQ0304

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Coverite 21st Century Fabric Cub Yellow 6'

21st Century Fabric is a Woven Polyester Fabric with a Totally Fuel-Proof, / High-Gloss Painted Finish. Just Iron It On For A Painted Fabric Finish. / / FEATURES: Light-Weight Fabric Covering of 3.1 oz/sq yd (.34 oz/sq ft) / Dry Adhesive Is Activated When Heat Is Applied (Range 225 to 290 F) / Can Be Applied To Sheeted Foam / Shrinks To A Drum-Tight Finish As It Cools / Molds Crease-Free Around Compound Curves and Into Corners / High Gloss Finish, Waterproof, Fuelproof (Glow Fuel, Gasoline, Smoke) / Stronger and Lighter Than Traditional Silk and Dope Coverings / May Be Cleaned With Glass Cleaner or MonoKote Cleaner/Polish / / INCLUDES: One Roll (6' x 27") Cub Yellow 21st Century Fabric Covering / One Instruction Sheet / / REQUIRED: Sealing Iron (COVR2550), Iron Sock (TOPR2175), Heat Gun (TOPR2000).

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