Dens E-Zee Free Flight Timer Programming

 Free flight electric model




Yea Sure. You can buy one already built and cheaper, but if you’re a builder like me. You just can’t help yourself. There is a Guillow’s model you want to modify beyond what the plans say. I kept reading where others were asking how to build an electric free flight model and that peaked my interest. How do you do it and what do I need to make it work. I love building projects.

Electric free flight is a little complicated on the initial setup and programming. But once you get past that the setup phase, you can have several flights between battery charges with just a push of a button.

I had a very hard time finding any documentation on google and YouTube on how to setup a free flight timer, where to find a free flight timer and how to install a free flight timer. There were of course countless videos of free flight models flying. I did find info on message boards on how to convert a cheap esc into a free flight timer (several years old) but that was too much work since they now make FF timers for the commercial market.

Since I can’t find a mentor I am flying blind on this project. I view this as a challenge because I know with a little research I can get my project to fly. I love building so this is really more fun for me than anything else. Plus, I get to share what I learn so hopefully I can make this easy for you to understand.

                                         Finding a free flight timer
I found several websites that sold free flight timers but here is what I found. (These site will remain un named. I think you will come to the same conclusion that I did.)
• Very little information on the free flight timer.
• They do not answer email.
• They don’t answer the phone or reply to your message.
• Weird billing (I’m not down with faxing my credit card number).
• They have the FF timer on their website but they want you to order it from another      site.
• Website was incomplete (missing graphics).

The only site that I could find (I get nothing from naming them) was Stevens AeroModel. The carried the FF timer that I needed. Plus, the documentation was understandable and had everything that I needed.




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