Great Planes Avistar Elite .46-Size Almost Ready-to-Fly Advanced Trainer Radio Control Model Airplane

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Great Planes Avistar Elite .46-Size Almost Ready-to-Fly Advanced Trainer Radio Control Model Airplane

The Avistar Elite is an excellent radio-control airplane for anyone eager to master basic flying skills - and not stop there. It's engineered to allow maneuverability beyond the scope of most high-wing trainer planes. Especially when flown with an instructor's help, the Avistar Elite lets you move confidently from beginner to being able to perform exciting aerobatics.Though mounted high on the fuselage to increase flying stability, the wing also features a semi-symmetrical airfoil (slightly rounded on the bottom). That makes the Avistar Elite able to execute smooth rolls and other maneuvers that trainers with flat-bottom wings cannot do.Thanks to its almost ready-to-fly design, the Avistar Elite can soon be ready for its first takeoff. The major sections - wing halves, fuselage, tail surfaces - arrive already assembled from high-quality wood and already covered with vibrantly colored film. Wing halves includes already-hinged control surfaces and bays for optional flaps.Final assembly takes no special tools. Wing halves slide onto a joiner tube, without using glue, and bolt into place on the fuselage. They remove and reattach easily for convenient model transport. A patented alignment system guides tail sections into place. Simply tighten the thumb screws to assemble a straight, strong tail. The main landing gear snaps into a factory-installed mount.Mounts are also included for installing your choice of glow engine or electric motor in the recommended size range. The large on-board compartment offers plenty of room for easy installation of a fuel tank or flight battery.Requirements:Radio control system with 4-5 channels and 4-7 servos2-stroke .46 engine OR RimFire .46 (42-60-800kV) brushless motor45A brushless electronic speed control14.8V 3350mAh LiPo battery and chargerSpecifications:Wingspan: 62.5 inches (1590 millimeters)Wing Area: 672 square inches (43.3 square decimeters)Weight: 6.5 pounds (2950 grams)Wing Loading: 22 ounces/square foot (67 grams/square decimeter)Length: 55 inches (1395 millimeters) Note:  To find an RC flight instructor, we recommend checking with an RC flying club in your area. Most have experienced members who are happy to help newcomers succeed in the hobby.

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