Park Flyers

R/C Park flyers are great entry level aircraft as well for the more experienced flyer. They are either RTF (ready to fly) having all the components or ARF’s (almost ready to fly) which will require the radio, battery and motor. They are usually electric and made out of foam and balsa wood. Even though they a small in size they can inflict injuries if you are hit by one so caution should be your general rule. Please research the rules and regulations for the park or area you will be flying in to ensure they will allow small RC aircraft. If you don’t have a large area to fly in look for a local club where you can fly in a safe environment. One of the cons of Park Flyers is that it is difficult to fly in high wind so care must be taken; some of the Pros are that

  • It is electric You just need extra batteries and a charger.
  • If you should crash your model then the repairs will be easy to fix. Some manufactures have replacement parts for a reasonable price.

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