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R/C Boats are quickly becoming a popular hobby across many communities. You can head out to your local water area and have a blast. There many choices to choose from. You can build you RC model from a kit or purchase a ready to float. If you choose a kit, be ready to put in some hours getting it ready to get out of your personal dry dock.

This option does interest people like me. I enjoy the time assembling a working model. It gives me the opportunity to relax and let world melt away. If you’re one for instant gratification then the ready to float models may be for you. Just charge your batteries (get your glow fuel) and field box and head out to the pond for your ZEN time.

R/C boats come in many varieties. The cheaper models will include a transmitter and a battery charger. If you want to spend more that just 15 minutes running your boat you will need to purchase some spare batteries and depending on the price you paid for the boat (The cheaper model) it may be hard to find that extra battery so recharging could take 15 minute to 4 hours.

The mid priced R/C boats like the Traxxas 3810 Blast Race Boatwill come with a higher quality battery, a radio transmitter and a simple charger. As you invest more into your RC Boat hobby you will want to get extra battery packs, a  Hitec 44151 X4 Quad DC Multi-Chargerand a Spektrum SPM3300, DX3C 3-Channel DSM Surface Radioso that you can run multiple boats on 1 radio.

Let’s not forget the Nitro boats. These will have a different propulsion setup meaning that your run time will be limited to the amount of fuel on the boat as to how much of a charge you have left on your battery pack. All you have now to do is pick a boat……








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