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RC hobbies are pretty useless without a reliable R/C Transmitter. Before the advent of the Spread Spectrum and PCM radios R/C enthusiast were relegated to using narrow band AM and FM radios. When using Am or FM radios you would have to share frequency flags at the local field so that only 1 frequency would only be in use at a time. 2 radios on the same frequency would result in a destroyed model. Now a day with the newer technologies you’re not only able to use the same radio with multiple models but you will not have to worry about someone else on your frequency. If you’re into RC Cars, Trucks or boats then the Spektrum SPM3300, DX3C 3-Channel DSM Surface Radiowould be just right for you. If you’re into R/C helicopters or airplanes then look into a higher level of radio starting with the Spektrum DX8 DSMX Transmitter Only MD2 So whatever R/C hobbies you are into there will be a Transmitter that will be just right for you.




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