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The world of R/C cars is a great place to be in. Unlike other R/C hobbies you don’t have to worry about needing a flight simulator to learn on, a water hole to float on or a runway or helipad to take off on. You can compete with your friends and family in your yard or you can head down to the local track to compete against the other drivers. As with all R/C Hobbies you will find it to be an investment. No matter what, you will need you accessories to support your car hobby. So be prepared to spend a little extra. You can always start on a fairly simple budget when you start out. If you like the R/C car hobby then you can move up to the more complex cars. You need to remember the reason you’re looking to get into an R/C Hobby. You just want to relax and enjoy your spare time with your friends and family or by just yourself.



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