SIG Heat Shrinkable Koverall 2 Yard Package

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SIG Heat Shrinkable Koverall 2 Yard Package

SIG Heat Shrinkable Koverall A light weight polyester based fabric that shrinks tight with heat. It has high strength and is easy to apply. It accepts all common model paints like dope, enamel or epoxy and weighs 1.25oz per sq yd. Dick Graham was an early user of Koverall and used it on his 1980 National Champion Piper Pawnee. Dick says: "Koverall produced excellent results. It is easy to apply, shrinks as required for uniform tightness, and the close weave takes dope without leaking through onto the inside." Bob Wischer chose Koverall for his beautiful Aeronca K. The startling realistic appearance helped to capture first place honors in Giant Scale at the 1984 Reno Nats. Bob says: "It's tough material. A dent from impact can be removed, even after doping, with a bit of heat from a sealing iron set on low temperature. With silk, the dent would have been a hole, and a patch."

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