TOP FLITE MonoKote Neon Red 6′ TOPQ0705

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Top Flite MonoKote Flexible High-Gloss Polyester Covering Film (Neon Red)

Smooth, glossy finishes are easy!When you've spent hours building your model, don't settle for less than the best when you cover. Use MonoKote.MonoKote's superior shrink and adhesion make it the easiest plastic covering to apply to your wooden model. And once applied, its special adhesive gets a grip that not even years of accumulated exhaust residue can break. MonoKote is also one of the most puncture- and scratch-resistant RC covering films on the market- qualities you'll find in all of the rich, vibrant colors available. Given that it's priced comparably to coverings that offer less, it doesn't make sense to use anything other than MonoKote. For low-heat applications, try Top Flite EconoKote, available in 6 foot rolls of 9 different colors.MonoKote covering is availble in over fifty color combinations among the following finishes:Opaque: traditional and typically most popularTransparent: stained-glass, see-through colorsNeon: "sunglasses required" brightsMetallic: glittering metal-flakePearl: subtle, lustrous huesFlat: non-reflective, flat finishFeatures:Super strong coveringTensile strength of 25,000 psi (pounds per square inch)Lightweight - only 0.2 ounces per square footDry adhesive activates when heat is applied (ranges listed below)Shrinks to a drum-tight finish as it coolsHigh gloss finishFuel-proof and waterproofStronger and lighter than traditional silk and dope coveringsMay be cleaned with common glass cleaner, Formula 409 cleaner or MonoKote Cleaner Polish (TOPQ2500)Not suitable for use directly on foam (use EconoKote instead)Includes: One 6' x 26" roll of covering (Neon Red)Requires:Top Flite Sealing Iron (TOPR2100)Top Flite Heat Gun (TOPR2000)Top Flite Iron Sock (TOPR2175)Temperature Ranges:Attaching to Wood (activating the adhesive): 215 - 240 degrees FahrenheitPartial Shrinkage: 230 - 270 degrees FahrenheitMaximum Shrinkage: 270 - 350 degrees FahrenheitProduct Specifications:Width: 26 inches (66.04 centimeters)Length: 6 feet (1.83 meters)Optional Accessories:MonoKote Trim Sheets: an easy way to add more colors and individuality to your project.MonoKote Accessories: from templates to cutting, heating and sealing tools - we've got you covered.MonoKote Trim Solvent (TOPR6020): smoothly and securely bond layers of MonoKote covering or trim.MonoKote Cleaner Polish (TOPR2500): safely clean, polish and protect your model. Fingerprint resistant and buffs to a high luster finish.Note: Monokote requires high-heat application that is NOT suitable for use directly on foam models.

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