Programming The E-Flite 10A Pro ESC

By James Packwood                                                                                                                                                                                                   

This is for the E-Flite 250 Outrunner using the 10-Amp Pro Brush-less ESC.

These instruction come from the documentation that comes with the ESC and practice on my part. Since the instructions are in small print and I am a Semi-old fart. I needed to type it out in large print so I can follow the instructions. I could have downloaded them from the technical specifications page on the     E-Flite site then printed them with a larger font but writing them out helps me to become familiar with the steps. Make sure you script out what you plan to do since the 5 second choice comes really fast. And remember you can always start over.

So here goes.

  • Controller is off
  • Turn on the transmitter
  • Move the throttle to up (full throttle)
  • Connect the battery to the controller
  • Wait 5 seconds and the controller will give 2 sets of fast tones after the voltage check.
  • Now move the throttle to center and the controller will beep 1 time
  • To tell you that you are on menu item 1
  • You are now in programming mode and on menu item 1. You have 5 seconds

To make a choice.

After each choice on the menu item you will hear a soft tone then you can move the throttle back to center. If you don't want to make a choice at the menu item, then it will move on to the next one after 5 seconds with the throttle at center

Menu item descriptions

 Menu Item 1 Voltage Cutoff

2s battery select Full throttle

3s battery select Idle

For Smart Cutoff Leave at full throttle until you hear 7 beep (7 seconds)

There is an option for smart cutoff at 70% power. You have to use a fully charged battery because the esc will check the voltage at startup so if the

Battery is charged to 10.0 volts then the soft cutoff will be at 7.0 volts

So if you use a partially charged battery then the esc cannot protect the battery.

Menu Item 2 - Braking

This choice allows you the choice to have the ESC to stop the propeller

Or not (Brake on)

Brake off - (Full throttle) allows the propeller to windmill

Brake on - (idle) for gliders

Menu Item 3 timing

Please check your motor documentation for the number of Poles for your motor. The pole specification for the E-Flite 250 Outrunner can be found on the documentation under features. It is a slotted 12-pole Outrunner design.

4 pole and greater motors - (full throttle)

2 pole motors (idle)

Menu Item 4 Throttle input range

If you feel like you have some play or dead space on full throttle then you might want to change this. You really may not have an issue with this since the usually test the option with the most common radios. Refer to your ESC documentation. My spectrum DX6i throttle will not engage the motor using 1.1ms to 1.9ms so I had to switch 1.2ms to 1.8ms.

Throttle Range 1.1ms to 1.9ms (Full Throttle)

Throttle Range 1.2ms to 1.8ms (Idle)

My Choices for my E-Flite 250 Outrunner

 Menu 1   - idle

 Menu 2   - idle

 Menu 3   - full

 Menu 4   - idle

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