Brodak Ringmaster S-1

 ARF Brodak S-1 Ringmaster Control Line Assembly By James Packwood

The Control Line (ARF) Brodak Ringmaster S-1 kit an excellent starter airplane if you’re looking to get started in Control Line arena. This is an excellent sport because you have direct control of your model. Over the years the Control Line sport appears to be on the down side because the interest of the younger participants seems to be dominated by the R/C hobbies from air planes, Helicopters and drones. But there is still interest in the sport from older flyers. Hopefully the experience in the older generations can be passed down to the younger flyers who want to continue the sport. I have quite a few years left so I will still be participating.

The Build

The Brodak Ringmaster S-1 kit is a simple assembly if your handy with a hobby knife, thin CA glue, a drill and you have basic soldering skills. The total build time was 1 ½ hours. I purchased the Brodak .40 C/L engine for this kit. Break in required 20 runs of 2-3 minutes with a cool off period of 3-5 minutes between starts without the muffler on. After the break in I ran the motor thru 2 tanks of fuel with muffler on. I set the needle valve 3 ½ turns for the break in. after it was all said and done the motor runs smooth.The Rigmaster came with the basics already assembled and covered, wing, fuselage, ruder and elevator. It also comes with the basic hardware and hinges for the elevator. You will of course need to purchase the following.

  • Brodak .40 C/L engine.
  • 60 feet of control line.
  • Control handle.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Brass strap to attach the fuel tank.
  • 10 x 5 Prop.
  • Prop spinner.
  • Control line connectors.
  • Stooge (This allows you to hold and release the model without some to attend to it.).

Get started by contacting clubs in your area to see if there are control line members that are willing to help you get started. You can also check with your local hobby shops for information. If you’re in the Oklahoma City area visit Mikes Model’s (My Shameful plug) at 1137 N. May Ave. (405)949-1049. He has a lot of experiencing in both the Control line hobby as well as everything remote control. He can answer all your questions and set you up with your first kit. He is a great resource.

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Happy Building.

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