Guillow’s P-51D Mustang Kit 905 Build

Guillow’s P-51D Mustang Kit 905
By James Packwood

I am a big fan of any modeling project that can be a family project. The Guillow’s     P-51D kit is simple and easy to put together for the first time modelers. It can take a weekend if you’re building by yourself or a couple of weekends with the kids. Either way you’re going to have a great time.

The kit comes with a generous sheet of grey tissue that you can use just by itself or paint it if you choose. I opted to use 3 different colors of tissue for this kit to help reduce the weight. I also order a larger prop and used a bigger rubber motor in order to get more out of the kit when flying it.

This is a cost effective hobby so you’re not going to go broke if there is a mishap with the plane. I would also suggest that you look up your local indoor modeling group for tips on building, balancing and flying you project.

Happy Building

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